When the Unexpected Happens … Again

Bonita Mazzone’s father had surgery in Buffalo when she was a teenager. Her mother stayed at Kevin Guest House, after their local doctor’s office in the southern tier made the suggestion, which eliminated a long daily commute. She purchased a KGH branded sweater for Bonita, which she proudly wore throughout her childhood in support of her father’s road to recovery.

Then in 2013, Bonita and her husband, Jonathan traveled from their hometown in Cassadaga, NY (Chautauqua County) to Buffalo for the birth of their daughter, Chloe. The couple stayed at KGH overnight, as her due date changed for her c-section scheduled at Women & Children’s Hospital.

She then returned to the house again in 2020 with her father, John Cable, as he underwent cardiac surgery at Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital.

She has made it her mission to inform others about the care her family has received at the house over the years.

Recently her family has shown support by restocking pantry items for future guests, along with driving two hours round-trip to have their photograph captured as a family for our Family in Focus fundraiser each December.

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