The time is now – Our guests need you – Support Kevin’s mission!

Kevin’s heart and home needs to stay full and we need your help!  As our community moves toward COVID recovery, we are committed to serving our patients and families while making necessary modifications to keep everyone safe.

Kevin Guest House normally meets its financial needs through fundraising events held through social gatherings of large groups.  COVID has impacted our ability to host these events, and this year more than ever, our budge is significantly at risk without them.  We are striving to fill this hole by participating in a friendly fundraising competition.

Our Board Members have teamed up with our Giving Hearts crew to each raise $5000. The first 20 teams to reach their $5000 goal will win naming rights to a room on the KGH campus. Funds will be used to help the home keep running at normal capacity, welcoming patients and their family members on the Buffalo Medical Campus, and enabling our guests to receive life-saving medical treatment in their most critical time of need.

Team Kevin’s Heroes

Led by Jamie Scotland, Kristie Andrews, and Michael Brady


Team Buffaloved

Led by Jonathan Morris, Melanie Biggs, Mary Russo, and Angela Dowdell


Team Roswell Roommates

Led by Shirley Johnson, Alyssa McNulty, and Odochi Uwazurike


Team Kevin K.A.R.E.S

Led by Kaitlin Koehn, Adam Bellomo, Andrew Russo and Emily Duckworth – KARE!


Team Our Appeal for Kevin

Led by Timothy Kucinski, Brandon Snyder and Adam Brasky


The Green Team

Led by Jennifer Mergl, Aubrey Stevenson, Jourdan Stevenson, and Stephanie Karaszewski.

Team Kevin’s “Essential” Workers

Led by Lynsey Weaver, Marianne Potratz, Jeff Davis, Betsy Stone, Ali Birner and Anna Gillule.


Team Our Street

Led by William Turkovich, Mark Glieco, Anna Stolzenberg and Lindsay Pohlman.


Team Technicae Artis Progressiones

Led by Sheila Hartwell, Shannon McCabe and Brooke Smith.

Team Families Helping Families

Led by Marc Martis, Amy Martis and Shannon Callahan.


Team Hearts of Optimism

Led by Amy Nagy, Marina Markey, Jessica Fike and Carolyn Leed.


Team Kaleida GPPC Cares for Kevin

Led by Samantha Palisano, Hanna Nydahl, Kelsey Gregoire and Breanne Keating.


Team Kevin’s Crew

Led by Richard Schott, Steven Mingle, Jr., Jackie Ruosti and Marie Stoklosa.


Team Kevin’s Mercy Angels

Led by Christina Tobin, Cassandra Faulkner and Emily Smaldino.


Team Kevin’s Warriors

Led by Karen Cummings and Amy Prinzbach


Team Kevin’s Hospitality Helpers

Led by Mark Brown, Andrew Schrum and Michelle Calabrese.


Team Kevin’s Buffalo Heroes

Led by Tom Garvey, Gail Testa-Romano and Angela Indelicato-Matar.


Team Champions for Kevin

Led by Martin Krebs, Keith Bryan, and Tom Keefe.


Team Howard Hanna for Kevin

Led by Matt Whitehead, Chandra Hoyt, and Adrianna Redman.