As Kevin Guest House celebrates 50 Years of providing a “Home-Away-from-Home” for patients and families traveling for critical medical care, we are committed to setting the standard for compassionate guest care with the highest standards of safety. 

The “KGH50” Campaign is a $1.5 Million multi-project initiative to bring our three original properties up to the same standard of hospitality achieved by opening our newest building at 766 Ellicott Street, as recommended by our healthcare partners.

The six major goals of this campaign:
  1. Upgrade bathrooms, kitchens & common spaces in existing six isolated transplant recovery apartments
  2. Add private bathrooms & suites to our Main House for the first time in our history
  3. Improve air quality and filtration by replacing and enhancing decades old HVAC systems that introduce revolutionary technology that traps microorganisms, such as bacteria, mold & viruses.
  4. Install durable, easy to disinfect, commercial grade materials & furniture in all three original properties
  5. Enhance our security systems & technologies that ease ability to vacate our building for emergency needs
  6. Refresh our exterior campus to its original glory including painting the original homes
Kevin Guest House is honored to be among the finalists for a $100,000 grant from the 21st Century Fund.
See an overview of the KGH50 campaign in this video, prepared for the 21st Century Fund Presentation Event. 
While Mercy Flight was selected for the final award, we are proud to have been among the final four nonprofit finalists. 

One of the greatest accomplishments of our last expansion was the installation of a full building air filtration system, commercial materials and furnishings that make it the best facility for immune compromised patients to recover. There have been many lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic, most especially for Kevin Guest House the critical nature where isolation and the ability to properly sanitize all our spaces are critical. Without the 766 property, we would not have been able to serve as many as guests during the pandemic. In March 2020, KGH was deemed an essential service for our healthcare partners, and we were the only healthcare hospitality house locally that never closed our doors during the COVID-19 pandemic to meet the immediate needs of their immunocompromised patients whose critical care couldn’t wait. It has been a long-term goal to upgrade the remaining KGH campus at 782, 788 and 788.5 Ellicott to the same standard of space and while these aging area’s function, continue to be areas of risk for those with immune deficiencies.

KGH50 Anticipated Outcomes

As a result of the KGH50 Campaign, we will remain at the highest standards of guest care, as recommended by our healthcare partners. 

Thank you for your generous support: 


Garman Family Foundation

Hugh J. III & Nina Garvey

KeyBank/First Niagara Foundation

Mother Cabrini Health Foundation



The Celia Lipton Farris & Victor W. Farris Foundation

Robert & Wendy Evans



James H. Cummings Foundation

Annette Pringle



Evans-Devereux Memorial Fund

Josephine Goodyear Foundation

Klug Family Foundation

Jamie & Gail Scotland




Dianne Charsha

Karen Cummings

Martin & Nancy Krebs

Andrea Tarshus

Frank & Linda Evans

Jason & Alexandra Friel

Jonathan & Wendy Morris

Rodman & Amy Nagy

Rebecca Walsh



David Delinski

Mary Garvey Grenier

John & Sheila Hartwell

Nick & Kate Heidinger

Gary & Shirley Johnson

William J. Joyce

Diane & Kenneth Kosela Long

Timothy & Tori Kucinski

Jennifer & Frank Mergl

Jeffrey & Brenda Paddock

Marianne & Seth Potratz

Bradley & Lynsey Weaver


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