February 17 is U.S. National Caregivers Day. A day to honor family, friends and medical professionals for putting another’s needs before their own. Thank you to all the caregivers involved with helping & caring for our guests!

Recently, a family that used our services during 2018 stopped by for a visit (Kate Drum is pictured here). They didn’t show up empty-handed, as they rallied together to supply new pillows and bedding before the holidays. The donation was made in memory of Kate’s husband, Nick Drum’s, late grandfather, Richard Solak, Sr., who was full of cheer, life & love! He was an amazing role model, and Kate was lucky enough to call him grandpa also! As soon as she started dating Nick, Richard made her feel like one of his own right away, and he did this to most people that he came across. He was an inspiration for the family paying-it-forward.

After being admitted into BGMC in 2018, it was necessary for Richard’s family to travel to WNY to be there for him and his wife, Joyce, who was later treated as a patient herself at RPCCC a few months later. Numerous family members were spread across the country, in Washington, Virginia and West Virginia and were welcomed by KGH. Having the house was appreciated by their loved ones, as it was convenient and close to visit back and forth and comforting to have somewhere to land at the end of the night.

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