Kevin Garvey Society

Named in honor of young Kevin Garvey, The Kevin Garvey Society celebrates individual donors who share his generous spirit and belief in giving to others in a great and caring way. We are humbled to give special thanks to this group of distinguished donors who give $500 or more each year to directly support the patients and families calling Kevin Guest House their home away from home.

Celebrating Our Most Generous Donors

We are so very grateful for our Kevin Garvey Society members. Benefits of the Kevin Garvey Society include:

Behind-the-Scenes Tour

Your generosity makes our homes feel cozy and warm. Enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour to see how your gift allows our guests feel comfortable and at ease. 

Gratitude Gathering

We are so thankful for your kindness. It would be our privilege to thank you and your fellow Kevin Garvey Society members, to celebrate the work you’ve helped make possible, and share our plans for the future.

Postponed due to COVID-19

Personalized Updates

You choose to give to Kevin Guest House for reasons that are personal to you. We’ll give you personalized updates on how your gifts are providing a comfortable and supportive home away from home.

Kevin Garvey Society Members

Donations of $500 or more received from individuals between Jan 1, 2021 – Dec 10, 2021

James & Shannon Bandoblu

Corlin Bauhofer

David & Sheila Blake

Tricia Bowman

Rosanne Braxton

Michael Brocci

Carl & Cara Camardo

Diane S. Charsha

Darlene Collins

James V. Conway

Edward & Beverly Corcoran

Corey & Becky Cressy

Karen Cummings

Joseph & Kathy Curatolo

Susan Engberg

Frank & Linda Evans

Joseph & Terry Evans

Robert & Wendy Evans

Michael & Kathy Fassl

Mary Finnegan

Dr. & Mrs. I. C. Garbes

Denis & Susan Garvey

Hugh J. III & Nina Garvey

Tom & Mary Garvey

John & Cynthia Hopkins

Elizabeth Horrigan & the Ace Servers

Clifford P. & Eileen Johnson

Dr. Robert & Marlisa Kalb

Samuel & Natalie Kinsella-Flatt

Marty & Nancy Krebs

Lewis & Margaret Lamb

Lynda S. Large

George Leedom

Robert & Elaine Marinucci

Linda L. Mader Engstrom

Todd Matteson

Gerard & Barbara Mazurkiewicz

Jay & Kim McKinley

Carolyn and Lyle Minnick

Tedd A. & Melissa P. Neff

Michelle & Gerald Parrish

Robert & Laura Pecoraro

William M. & Marilou Pierson

Frank & Lynn Potocnik

Annette Pringle

James F. & Jean A. Quigley

Indira Elizabeth Ramaya

Raj Rani

James M. & Juanita Stein Ried

Luigi S. Rodo

Donald & Diane Roesch

Richard & Pamela Schott

Jamie & Gail Scotland

William & Susan E. Semmel

Samson K. Shen

Jennifer Shiao

Michael & Darlene Spychala

Andrea Tarshus

Christina Tobin & Dr. Thomas Schwaab

Stephen & Deborah Turkovich

Adolph Uryniak

Cynthia Vance & Scott Smith

Merle & Janice Whitehead

John & Carolyn Yurtchuk

Supporting Special Projects

From time to time the Kevin Garvey Society members are asked to help with special projects including our Comfort & Compassion Project.

A number of years ago, our kitchen chairs had seen a lot of wear-and-tear. We needed to upgrade from the existing residential-grade chairs to something stronger. Most importantly we needed to make an investment in safe yet comfortable chairs that could be enjoyed by our guests each day.

Thanks to the extra-special generosity of our Kevin Garvey Society members, this Comfort & Compassion Project raised nearly $7,000 to purchase commercial-grade kitchen chairs. Our friends from the Interior Design Association of WNY helped find some that would look great in our beautiful kitchen, and secured them for a great price helping our donors’ generosity go even further. Our 2019 Comfort & Compassion Project replaced the lovely but worn carpeting

 on the front and back staircase and throughout the second floor of the main house, including a couple of bedrooms. COVID-19 put the project on hold, but generous friends donated more $9,770, and the upgraded the carpeting provides a comfortable and clean environment for our guests.

In 2020, our project also focuses on safety and security in high traffic guest areas. 

Currently guest keys are kept in two locations – a small, hard to reach plastic box, the other inside a small bathroom cabinet with a safe for guest and staff valuables, and weekly deposits. Daily guest deliveries of personal items and medication remain in plain view but should be locked. A recent technology donation has generously replaced 15-yr-old equipment and laptops for guests to borrow, but we don’t currently have enough lockable space to accept. Moving to new electronic key fob entry also requires a lockable, organized space.

As we move to more touchless entry and other ways for guests to comfortably isolate in their rooms through technology, we need a custom cabinet built to store these items and keep personal belonging safe. There is only one space in the main house that can accomplish all this, requiring custom build due to the unique position of radiators, pipes, etc. Guests and staff will have easier access to items, while also keeping them more secure.