Giving Hearts Program

Giving Hearts
Young Professionals Program

Giving Hearts is engaging young, entrepreneurial and philanthropic individuals who are on the rise in the
Buffalo-Niagara community. 
Together we will ensure that every patient and family member traveling to Buffalo for medical care will be welcomed through our doors, regardless of their ability to pay for their stay.

Giving Hearts New Member Class of 2020

Accepting applications now! Contact Pam at 716-882-1818 or for more information. 

Class of 2020 Program Chairs

Chairs – Team A
Carolyn Leed
Leed Law
Marie Ryer Stoklosa
RE/MAX North
Chairs – Team B
Samantha Palisano
General Physician
Odochi Uwazurike
Roswell Park CCC

Team A

Mehreen Khan, Ambassador
Adrianna Redman, Ambassador
Aubrey Stevenson, Ambassador
Kristie Andrews
Keith Bryan
Michelle Calabrese
Chandra Hoyt
Stephanie Karaszewski
Kaitlyn Koehn
Marina Markey
Shannon McCabe
Steven Mingle, Jr.
Amy Prinzbach
Jackie Ruotsi
Jourdan Stevenson
Gail Testa-Romano

Team B

Emily Smaldino, Ambassador
James Lougen, Ambassador
Melanie Biggs
Jenny Bour
Jamie Dennis
Cassandra Faulkner
Jessica Fike
Mark Glieco
Kelsey Gregoire
Alyssa McNulty
Hanna Nydahl
Mary Russo
Andrew Schrum 
Brooke Smith
Brandon Snyder
Anna Stolzenberg

Thanks to our 2019 Class of Giving Hearts who collectively raised more than $28.5K!

Team A

Chairs: Matthew Whitehead, Marie Ryer Stoklosa 
Ambassadors: Lindsay Pohlman, Emily Smaldino, Odochi Uwazurike

Colleen Bauda, Adam Brasky, Rachel Cappellino, Charles Gattie, Mehreen Kahn, Tom Keefe, Matt Mancini, Dan McCarthy, 
Adrianna Redman, Andrew Russo, Matt Smaczniak

Team B

Chairs: Brittany Frey, Carolyn Leed
Ambassadors: Angela Dowdell, Christine Jordan, Jennifer Guia, 
Shannon Callahan, Breanne Keating

Michael Brady, Emily Duckworth, Angela Indelicato-Matar, James Lougen, Lyndsey Prenatt, Jessica Reagan,
Aubrey Stevenson, Lindsay Truesdell, Ashley Vento, Courtney Weir