Family Joining Together For Support

Carrie Secondo (pictured below) stayed with us mid-June through early July 2022 from Littleton, CO. Her father, Robert Boyce also stayed at the house, away from his hometown of Hornell, NY (Steuben County) to care for his wife, Linda. As a result of circulation issues, along with blockage in her pelvis, Linda had her leg amputated at Buffalo General Medical Center.

It was a long two weeks, but Carrie and Robert stayed busy after visiting hours by reading at the house. They loved the set up of the Victorian house and thought the flowers outside were beautiful, providing comfort during a time they needed it the most. The atmosphere alleviated stress, allowing them to be there for Linda as she transitioned to a new way of living.

They were “beyond grateful for the Kevin Guest House and to be so close to the hospital. We truly thank KGH for the hospitality and friendly staff.”

[Carrie, Linda, Robert & the family dog, Becca]

When asked for advice for future guests, Carrie said:

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you.”

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