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The KGH Campus

Today, the exist four buildings on the Kevin Guest House campus, the main house that started it all by Cyril & Claudia Garvey at 782 Ellicott, the brick building at 788 Ellicott & original garage at 788.5 Ellicott were renovated in the 90s and the recent acquisition and renovation at 766 Ellicott that was named […]

National Caregivers Day 2023

February 17 is U.S. National Caregivers Day. A day to honor family, friends and medical professionals for putting another’s needs before their own. Thank you to all the caregivers involved with helping & caring for our guests! Recently, a family that used our services during 2018 stopped by for a visit (Kate Drum is pictured here). They […]

The Power of Prayer

While we are not a faith-based organization, prayer and spiritual guidance can provide hope & comfort to those facing medical crisis. We are proud to work alongside our partners at Spiritual Care at Roswell Park & Kaleida Health’s Pastoral Care to offer guidance from their teams on a monthly basis or at their request. Judith Benoit first stayed at Kevin […]