While we are not a faith-based organization, prayer and spiritual guidance can provide hope & comfort to those facing medical crisis.

We are proud to work alongside our partners at Spiritual Care at Roswell Park & Kaleida Health’s Pastoral Care to offer guidance from their teams on a monthly basis or at their request.

Judith Benoit first stayed at Kevin Guest House as a guest in 2014, when her late husband, Guy received treatment at VA Western New York Healthcare System, and returned in 2018 for heart treatment at Gates Vascular Institute.

She recently stayed with us during Fall of 2022, as she was receiving treatment at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center for sarcoma of the ear. Judith kept busy before and after her appointments by getting fresh air and watching the traffic on Ellicott Street from our rocking chair on the porch of the main house.

Judith was listening to an author who wrote about the guardian angel prayer (seen below) on her way from Olean, NY (Cattaraugus County) for her last visit. Her prayers were answered, as her medical team was able to remove it all. It’s a special prayer for her personally, and she was eager to share with our staff, as she was very grateful for her time here throughout the years.

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