Amy & Max Reconnect for the Holidays

Max is a 28-year-old bone marrow transplant patient receiving treatment during his stay at Roswell Park from September 23, 2021 through the first week in November. We are happy to say that he is now residing with his mother and caregiver, Amy in one of our transplant apartments! Amy has been finding unique hobbies to stay busy at KGH since she checked in with us during the fall. Additional family members back in Rochester include Max’s father, Michael, sister, Gabriella, girlfriend, Michalena and son, Jesse.

Max had an Allo transplant, which is a procedure in which a patient receives healthy stem cells to replace their own stem cells that have been destroyed by treatment with radiation or high doses of chemotherapy. While Max receives weekly treatments and physical therapy, he remains immune compromised and needs his mom to aid him with every step of the way before they can officially go home after 100 days stay. While his close family can visit on weekends from a safe distance, they will be celebrating most of this holiday season via Facetime and socially distanced to keep Max safe. They’re glad that Max is on his way to being cancer free and looking forward to going home in the new year! This means that they will be spending Thanksgiving, Christmas, Max’s birthday and ringing in the New Year with us. They plan to celebrate this season by decorating their apartment for the holidays and baking Christmas cookies.

Amy has always enjoyed teaching exercise and cleaning, but developed a new hobby during her time at KGH by learning to play ukulele. Amy said “I’ve been using this meditation bowl to instruct Max on how to meditate in order to decompress and relax while improving his health. We also find unique ways to exercise in the kitchen of the apartment”. She also learned a new incredible strength in herself that she never experienced before. Max is using his free time in the apartment to play video games and creating his own electronic music.

They both would like to thank KGH for letting them stay at the apartment and for making them feel so comfortable. Amy started to tear up while talking about their journey, but they both agreed that KGH has become a second home for them, and it’s been a blessing for their family during one of the most difficult times in their lives.

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