“Nana” Sue make KGH feel like home for the holidays for grandson Caleb

“It’s an overwhelming blessing and I’m so grateful for KGH. I don’t know where else I would’ve stayed because we live so far away. I’m grateful that the house is here.”

Sue “Nana” Badgley retired from her job in December 2020. Her grandson was diagnosed with Leukemia in January and she became his full time caregiver. 

Caleb Badgley, 19, of Jamestown, NY went to urgent care in January because he wasn’t feeling well. He was diagnosed with Bronchitis.  His grandmother Sue, who he calls “Nana”, wasn’t convinced this was the right diagnosis, her feeling to get a second opinion changed their lives. A few days later, Sue was able to get Caleb an appointment at her primary physician. They did bloodwork and gave Caleb a COVID test – while the COVID test came back negative, the results of the blood test changed life for Caleb as he knew it.

He was diagnosed with Leukemia – Sue says doctors told her that if they had waited any longer, he would’ve died in two weeks. Caleb’s cancer had spread to 86% of his body. He went through heavy chemotherapy in February and was able to reduce the cancer down to 3% of his body. Luckily, he was a good candidate for a bone marrow transplant which he received in September. 

Caleb and Sue have been staying in the Carriage BMT apartment since late August, they celebrated Caleb’s 20th birthday in September. Shortly after his birthday, Caleb suffered from a severe case of Graft vs. Host disease, landing him back in the hospital for a week. His grandmother and caregiver Nana has been by his side throughout this whole journey. 

This is not how Sue thought she would be spending her retirement. She is away from home and her family. Her husband stayed behind to take care of their house and dog. Sue is thankful for Kevin Guest House allowing her to remain close to her grandson. 

She has made our carriage apartment like home, putting up photos on the end table, throwing her hand crocheted blankets on the beds and the back of the couch. She’s put hard candy on the coffee table and stocked their cabinets full of Caleb’s favorite treats. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, on the approval of Caleb’s doctors, Sue’s husband was able to join them for dinner. She’s grateful to have a comfortable place to stay, and an apartment stocked with the necessities, like pots & pans, that allow her to have a sense of normal through these very challenging times. 


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