Giving Hearts is engaging young, entrepreneurial and philanthropic individuals who are on the rise in the Buffalo-Niagara community. Our Giving Hearts commit to raising $1,000 for Kevin guest House over the course of a year. They do so by participating in our fundraisers or setting up their own. One of our current Giving Hearts, Ally Pawarski, Manager of Corporate Partnerships at Pegula Sports and Entertainment recently hosted a happy hour fundraiser raising $1,955 for KGH. She was kind enough to answer some questions about Giving Hearts, getting involved, and hosting her fundraiser. See her answers below.

When did you join Giving Hearts?

March of 2021

How did you hear about it/why did you get involved?

I’ve known about Kevin Guest House for a few years from other friends being involved with the organization and always heard great things. My coworker/friend Anna Stolzenburg is a Giving Hearts Ambassador and recruited me for the Giving Hearts program. She spoke so highly of the people at Kevin Guest House and the work that was being done that it was an opportunity I equally wanted to be part of.  

Where did you get the idea for a happy hour fundraiser? How did you pick where you were going to host it?

I love hosting events and bringing people together so this fundraiser was right up my alley.  I enjoy a good happy hour after a long work day and thought it would be a casual way to get people together to support a great cause. I organized a 50/50 raffle and set up that a percentage of the draft beer sales went to benefit KGH. When thinking of where to host the event I wanted to support a friend but also have it where what I think is now staple happy hour spot in Downtown Buffalo. Fattey Beer owner Chris DiCesare was super supportive of the cause and is equally always down for a good happy hour! If you haven’t been, I highly recommend!

If you were talking to someone else about giving to our KGH, what would you tell them?

Any time I talk about KGH, I encourage people to take a tour with the staff or attend an event to truly understand the mission and what KGH provides. The hospitality they provide between overnight stays to patients and caregivers, meals, amenities, connectivity and social support is truly unique and generous. You can help support and be part of that too in a variety of easy lift but meaningful ways.  

What do you wish everyone knew about KGH?

Kevin Guest House embodies the Buffalo tagline of “The City of Good Neighbors.” We have this incredible resource in our backyard that help support patients, caregivers and families traveling to Buffalo to receive medical care. KGH helps put a stressful situation at ease with the hospitality elements they provide. You can make a huge impact in small ways at KGH. For just $25 you can take care of a patient/caregiver’s overnight stay or you can provide a cooked meal one night for the guests staying. Easy and impactful!

Any tips for other people who want to host a fundraiser/get involved?

If you are looking to host a fundraiser I recommend organizing something that is authentic to you that will help naturally drive conversation about the mission. You can start small with your network and branch out into social media to invite them in to learn more. Think about what you and your network/friends/family would want to attend along with creating simple ways for them to support/donate.  

Ally’s next happy hour fundraiser will be at Fattey Beer in Orchard Park on Thursday, November 11th from 5-9 p.m.

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