Arrived As Strangers, Left As Friends

Joanne & Jim

Joanne and Jim came to stay with us in December when Jim was in town initially to receive cancer treatment at ECMC on December 8th and subsequently suffered from a stroke. Jim’s Doctor happened to know our House Manager, Betsy Stone, and suggested Kevin Guest House to Joanne. The Carkners moved in on December 21st. They turned their suite into an acute rehab facility so Jim could receive the care he needed in a safe, clean environment. 

Lynn & Darin

Lynn Edminster and her brother Darin were also guests through the Holidays. Darin was receiving radiation treatment at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.  Lynn mentioned how hard it gets as the caregiver to someone going through treatment. “Sometimes its hard to stay positive especially when we’ve been in this situation before, but we have to do it,” says Lynn. “That’s why I’m here and to have family close by, it has been very comforting to him.”

Becoming  A Support System

Being in a similar position as caregivers to their loved ones, Joanne and Lynn quickly formed a friendship. They explained to us how much it meant to have the support from someone else that is going through the same thing you are. Encouraging words are always important and kind to receive from friends and family back at home. But the ladies shared that it means so much to have someone by your side to share this experience with.  Someone who is dealing with similar situations on a daily basis. Someone who understands the emotions of what it’s like to be a caregiver and a support system.  “It’s taken a lot of stress out of it that otherwise we would be dealing with” says Lynn. 

While their friendship couldn’t alleviate all of the hardships that come with critical medical treatment and being a caregiver, it made it a little easier. We are happy to see the bond these ladies formed during their stay at Kevin Guest House. It’s a bond unlike any other and is something that will long outlive their time spent with us.

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