The Burgesses

Mark and Ruth Burgess are Dunkirk, NY natives who love the outdoors. When they aren’t at home, they enjoy spending their time in the great outdoors at their campsite in Jamestown, NY. As we sit together chatting, Mark couldn’t help but talk about getting back to his campsite within the upcoming weeks. The Burgesses anticipate going home in just a few days pending the Doctors orders at an appointment tomorrow. 

Diagnosis & Coming To Kevin Guest House

Mark was admitted into Roswell Park on December 22nd to receive a bone marrow transplant. While it wasn’t how they planned to celebrate the holidays, it was necessary for Mark’s health. Having nothing but positive things to say about his team of Doctors and experience at Roswell, Mark was discharged two and a half weeks later. He and Ruth moved into a transplant apartment here at KGH on January 9th and have been calling our Lower Brick apartment “home” for over 3 months now.

As we find with many of our guests, Mark’s transplant required him to be close to his care for weekly follow up appointments. Some weeks Mark would have as many as 2-3 appointments throughout the week. So staying here at KGH just made sense for him and Ruth, especially during the winter months. 

“It’s nice having a place so close to all of the hospitals,” said Mark “if you are healthy enough and able to walk, you don’t even have to move your car!” Mark and Ruth, two go-getters, always opt to walk to the hospital, no matter the weather. Through the snow and slush, and even a crazy rain storm, but especially right now as the weather is getting nicer. “They opened up the gates to the park, so it’s easier to walk through” Ruth said about their short journey to the hospital, “plus it counts as our exercise.” 

We asked Mark if there was anything he wanted to share about his stay and he said “everything is wonderful. We didn’t even know about this place until I had this illness and it’s helped us save time and money on gas and parking at the hospitals.”

Going Home

If you couldn’t tell already, Mark and Ruth are very active people. Wrapping up our conversation, Mark was making a list about what he wants to do around the house when they leave. Despite Mark’s great spirits, the next few months will still be tough for him. Aside from worrying about the pandemic and as found with most transplant patients, Mark’s weakened immune system makes many additional diseases (like mumps) a threat. Come June, Mark will be getting all of his “kid vaccinations” as he called it, once again. So for now, there will be a lot more quarantining in the Burgesses’ future. But they are looking forward to doing it at home and their campsite.

We loved having the Burgesses as our neighbors these past few months. We are happier they are returning home and getting back to a more “normal” lifestyle. 

Mark & Ruth wanted to show their smiles before they leave KGH.
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