Local bakeries raise over $5,000 to give our guests a “sweet” place to stay.

How It Started

In December 2020 Kevin Guest House Board Member, Andrea Tarshus of Tarshus Law Firm, rounded up two local bakeries to raise funds and “Adopt A Room” for our guests. Together Andrea, Sweet Pea Bakery, and TwoWheels Bakery raised over $5,000 to adopt “The Cookie Room” for one year.

“People are always looking for ways to give back, especially around the holidays,” says Tarshus. “But many have been reluctant to volunteer due to safety concerns.  I created the Cookie Room fundraiser this past holiday season to provide a safe way for people to make a difference and have fun too.  The concept was really sweet (pun intended!) because people got to eat cookies, decorate cookies, and gift cookies, and the KGH guests will benefit from the room.”

Getting Local Businesses Involved

In combination with the bakeries, Andrea reached out to friends, family, and colleagues to make fundraising for The Cookie Room an absolute success.

“I believe that strategic partnerships in the community can be an incredibly powerful way to help small businesses. I tapped into my networks through my law practice, Tarshus Law Firm, and my cooking company, Glutenless Buffalo, and teamed up with some other local female-owned businesses, Two Wheels Bakery, Buffalo Girl That Bakes, and Sweet Pea Bakery to assist with the fundraiser. By utilizing each of our platforms, we were able to maximize exposure and raise awareness about Kevin Guest House, stimulate multiple small businesses, and spread some holiday cheer in the process.”

The Cookie Kits

Sweet Pea and TwoWheels designed their own cookie kits to sell with some of the proceeds going to the Cookie Room Campaign. Complete with gluten-free cookies, icing, and sprinkles it was the ideal little kit for a great cause. The bakeries sold almost 200 kits, raising more than $1,500 towards the total.

We were finally able to welcome Andrea, Audrey from Sweet Pea, and Emily and Susan from TwoWheels Bakery into the house to see their finished product – The Cookie Room!


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