We honor and thank the many military families who walk through our doors each year, including Teresa and Paul Brousseau who travelled from the Southern Tier for her CAR T-Cell transplant earlier this spring. They are no strangers to Kevin Guest House as they stayed with us in July of 2022 for her bone marrow transplant.

Teresa was such a delight, very polite and grateful for the nightly dinners. They both originated from New England, settling in Scio, NY, two hours away from treatment at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. Teresa and Paul stayed in touch with neighbors back home by texting updates throughout their medical journey.

The couple stayed busy at Kevin Guest House by completing a variety of jigsaw puzzles and ordering from Doordash. Coming from a small town, they have limited dining options (only one restaurant!), so having a large selection of food options to order delivery from in Buffalo was a treat! Teresa and Paul’s favorite feature of the house was that it was within walking distance to Roswell Park for appointments, check ups and visiting hours.

On the day they went home, the couple was all smiles laughing on the front porch of 782 Ellicott St. when we noticed his Calvary hat. Paul explained the symbolism to us, as he was a wheel and track mechanic in 1st Air Calvary in the Vietnam War. We thank him and the sacrifices our service people have made for our freedom every day.

Teresa is doing well now and enjoying time at home with their rescued cat, Minou, which translates to “pretty kitty” in french.

“Staying at Kevin Guest house was as close to being at home considering the situation. Everyone was friendly and considerate to our needs.” – Teresa Brousseau

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