For Ann Noble, it was all positive vibes while getting the best breast care

It was the early 1980s when Ann Noble’s daughter was attending the University at Buffalo. She knew that Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center had a renowned breast clinic, so she thought what better place to get her annual mammogram.

Living in Binghamton at the time, she would make the seven-hour round-trip drive in one day. When a cyst was discovered and surgery was required, Ann had planned to keep her same routine.

“The receptionist asked who was with me,” Ann recalled. “When I said nobody, she said that wasn’t going to work and got me into Kevin Guest House. I kept coming back for 30 years.”

While Ann’s cyst was benign, she continued her regular follow-ups at Roswell Park, each time staying at Kevin Guest House.

“When I walk in the door I immediately feel that I am at Home – with a capital H!” Ann said. “I am enfolded in love, peace, comfort, and caring. Here I feel that indeed ‘all is well.’ And when I leave, I’m filled with gratitude – not only for the Garveys who provided the house, but to all those who have and continue to work to update and improve it, and those who provide wonderful care to all who make this their home away from home.”

Mostly, though, Ann said she has been grateful for the other guests she met on each visit.

“I was usually just coming for my mammogram, so I didn’t personally need support,” Ann said. “But the folks that had difficulties and their families were so positive and so inspiring. It made you feel so grateful. It was just amazing how those people who have so much difficulty were so positive. The vibe at the house was always so positive and welcoming and just wonderful.”

Ann remains healthy and now splits her year, spending  summers in Binghamton and  winters in Georgia.

Ann Noble returned to Kevin Guest House each year while getting her mammogram at Roswell Park.


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