Much to Celebrate at Kevin Guest House Today!

While we celebrate our 47th Anniversary, one of our guests is also celebrating a milestone birthday. Many guests are with us though holidays and special occasions, including the Reddons.

Terry Reddon, who turns 60 years young today, came to Kevin Guest House with her husband Eddie from Susquehanna, PA while Eddy undergoes treatment at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. It will be extra special as their children and grandchildren are making the trip to join in Terry’s birthday celebration!

When the Reddons found out that Eddy would be undergoing a bone marrow transplant, the primary concern was a place to stay during the several months of treatment. “One of our biggest fears was how are we going to stay here for 100 days! We will be away from our home, family, and friends. We found out about KGH from Dr. Maureen Ross, Eddy’s BMT doctor,” says Terry.  “She encouraged us to check it out, so we did on our next trip to Roswell.”

“We couldn’t have done it without Kevin Guest House, it is the whole package,” Terry says of their treatment journey. Not only did the Reddons find a place to stay, but they found support and comradery with other guests.

“Eddy and I both enjoyed the meals not just because they were delicious, but because of the conversations.  It is like sitting down at a big holiday family dinner. I developed friendships with others going through difficult things just like us.”

Terry finds the support of her fellow guests has led to relationships that she will cherish forever. “That is how I survived – having people to talk to. I felt safe knowing there were others looking out for me, and I was looking out for them.  We all became close in this time frame of our lives, and I will never forget them.”

As we celebrate our anniversary today, we honor and thank the many dedicated volunteers that keep Kevin Guest House operating. “There are so many volunteers doing so many things here,” says Terri. From preparing meals to cleaning the house, maintaining the grounds and raising much-needed funds, the volunteers play a vital role.  Our volunteers, medical partners, and friends of KGH will come together to enjoy food, beverages, and live music in our Healing Garden to mark the opening of America’s first healthcare hospitality house. Heart Award winners Kevyn Adams of Harborcenter, along with his parents Ken and Diane Adams who have served Kevin Guest House for more than 20 years, and People, Inc. staff and volunteers who visit us daily to tidy the house while practicing life skills will be celebrated for their outstanding generosity. We will also celebrate community volunteers who have given 10 years of service to our mission.  “This place makes you want to pay it forward to help others,” says Terry.  “If you are considering a stay at KGH, I would suggest you come with an open heart.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to people; you will get so much in return.”

If you would like to make a gift in honor of our anniversary to support families like the Reddon’s, CLICK HERE

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