You Can Pay it Forward for Guests Like Morgan

“I came to the realization of just how close we came to being temporarily homeless.

Myself, daughter Jamie, and granddaughter Morgan being 1,100 miles from home, were thrust into a situation with no family support, minimal finances, sleeping in our vehicle and wondering how long our money would last.

To stay close to the hospital, we slept in my car and spent the nights wondering how long our money would last for meals.

Being in an unfamiliar setting and unprepared financially for your basic needs can leave you feeling humbled and overwhelmed. When we were transferred to Buffalo General Hospital, someone referred us to Kevin Guest House. We were met with compassion, understanding and a desire to help us. They provided a safe, warm, home environment for my 4 year-old granddaughter which brought her a feeling of stability.

Kevin Guest House met our needs in mind, body and soul and there are so many more people that are in the same situation. I urge you to contribute to such a worthy organization and help other guests like us.”

Ranita Standridge
Wappapello, MO


Click here to Pay it Forward for guests like Morgan and Ranita. 

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